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Under the background of the internet era, Asia Cuanon Enterprise keeps up with the times and is committed to the development and application of information tools, as well as data collection of business activities such as market, technology, production. It strives to improve the enterprise’s informatization ability, and continuously constructs enterprise information data sharing center and self-service platform, so as to improve the efficiency of enterprise operation and shorten the distance between enterprises and users, improve the speed of market reflection, and build Asia Cuanon wisdom, the enterprise of the era.


Centering on “customer-centered, build a first-class supply chain”, Asia Cuanon actively explored modern manufacturing methods, the whole process, from tapping customer needs to production delivery, realized informatization management and accounting, in order to narrow the distance between manufacturing and market; from industrial automation to key sequence intelligence, replace the key post with robots, so as to improve operational efficiency, shorten production cycle, reduce the rate of defective products, and improve manufacturing level. Actively promote the integration of informatization and automation, keep up with the pace of the times and the national 2025 strategy, and build enterprise intelligent manufacturing of the era.


Asia Cuanon has 5 manufacturing bases in China (located in Qingpu, Shanghai; Chuzhou, Anhui; Urumqi, Xinjiang; Xi'an, Shaanxi; Beichen, Tianjin), 2 comprehensive manufacturing bases under construction (located in Chongqing and Changsha, Hunan), 8 sample technology service centers and 32 coating mortar collaboration factories to achieve localized nearby deliverability of 800 km for coatings, 800 km for coating/insulation/decorated insulation panel system and 500 km for dry mortar.


  • Asia Cuanon Paint (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Asia Cuanon Paint is a modern coating manufacturer integrating research, development and manufacture, and a high-quality supplier providing comprehensive coating solutions. Based on the orientation of “leading the development trend of functional architectural coatings in China”, through innovation and sustainable management promotion, Asia Cuanon Paint brand has become the leading brand of China’s engineering architectural coatings. In 2003, Asia Cuanon Paint (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was invested and established in Qingpu District, Shanghai, which is the headquarters of Asia Cuanon Group. The factory covers an area of about 447 ares and mainly produces coatings and dry powder products.

1. 亚士漆(上海)有限公司  占地面积:67亩.jpg

  • Asia Cuanon Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Construction started in 2014, covering an area of about 1053 ares. The factory is the location of Asia Cuanon Technology Research and Development Center and Asia Cuanon New Materials Research Institute.

2. 亚士创能科技(上海)股份有限公司  占地面积:158亩.jpg

  • Asia Cuanon Comprehensive Intelligent Manufacturing Base in Chuzhou, Anhui

Located in Quanjiao County Economic and Technological Development Zone, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province, the base covers an area of 2420 ares. The main scheme and equipment are independently designed by Asia Cuanon, and constructed in accordance with the orientation of  garden factory of “automation, intellectualization and flexible manpower line”. The base has water-borne environmental coatings production workshop, decorated insulation panel system production workshop, insulation production workshop, dry mortar production workshop, intelligent three-dimensional warehouse and eco-intelligent office area. It has been built into a comprehensive manufacturing base covering three major businesses and six major product systems of Asia Cuanon. It is also the largest and most advanced coatings and insulation production base in China.

3.  亚士创能科技(滁州)有限公司  占地面积:363亩.jpg

  • Asia Cuanon Technology (Urumqi) Co., Ltd.

The factory was put into operation in 2013 and is located in Urumqi New High-tech Industrial Development Zone (New Urban Area), Xinjiang. It mainly produces CPST, Decorated Insulation Panel System, building energy efficiency insulation new materials and water-borne environmental coatings.

4.  亚士创能科技(乌鲁木齐)有限公司  占地面积:120亩(建设中).jpg

  • Asia Cuanon (Chongqing) Co., Ltd.

The base is located in Bishan High-tech District, Chongqing, covering an area of about 1707 ares. It mainly produces Decorated Insulation Panel System, CPST, modified insulation panel, water-borne environmental coatings, mortar putty and calcine and other products. After the completion of the base, the comprehensive coverage of Asia Cuanon products in the southwest region will be realized.


  • Asia Cuanon (Xi’an) Co., Ltd.

The factory was put into operation in 2014. It mainly produces Thermosetting Polystyrene Panel and Decorated Insulation Panel System and other products.

5.  亚士创能科技(西安)有限公司  占地面积:30亩.jpg

  • Asia Cuanon Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

The factory was put into operation in 2013. It mainly produces Decorated Insulation Panel System, Insulation Panel and other products.

6. 亚士创能科技(天津)有限公司  占地面积:35亩.jpg